Noam Enbar (Born in 1978, lives and works in Tel-Aviv) is a performance artist, composer, singer, teacher and founder of artistic collectives. Enbar is the founder of the radical Post-Rock band “Habiluim” and the Klezmer-Punk ensemble “Oy Division”. Enbar performed in countless arte venues and music festivals worldwide, composed music for theatre and cinema and founded the collective choir "Great Gehenna Choir“.

His solo exhibition “Preaching to the Choir“ opened in 2017 at the Tel Aviv Museum and his participatory work for a large choir “Blindsight” was presented at the 2018 Mekudeshet festival, Jerusalem.

Enbar works with ensembles, professional and non-professional choirs, untrained singers and incidental voices.

In 2019 Enbar founded “Howl”, an artistic-transformative endeavour providing environmental-aware ritual journeys, transformative musical forest retreats and meditative-vocal workshops.

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