Nephilim begins in the 1980 visit of then-prime minister Begin (played by Cameri Theatre director Noam Semel) to Beaufort Fortress in Lebanon.  The piece grapples with the bankruptcy of the political morality and ethos, questioning the engagement in a bloody battle for symbolic reasons.  Starring Menashe Noy and Nir Shauloff, the second act features an Israeli judoka who, about to compete for a gold medal in the 1990 Asian championships in Turkmenistan, learns that Israel was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The third act moves the action into the first decade of the 21st century, centering on Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli (played by Smadar Yaaron), whose fashionably bespectacled gaze – through the Carolina Lemke sunglasses – follows departing and arriving passengers at Ben-Gurion Airport.

The trilogy follows underground currents in the unconscious of Israeli identity, from Menachem Begin’s depression to obsessive coverage of achievement in sports to the complete takeover of public space by Refaeli’s image.

Directed by Yonatan Levy in collaboration with Noam Enbar as composer, the work is a musical-ritual, streaching the limits of contemporary Israeli theatre.