HOWL is an artistic-transformative endevour providing environmental-aware ritual journeys, transformative musical forest retreats and meditative-vocal workshops.

We called it Howl because it touches, we hope, on a wide spectrum of vital expressions.

Throughout our time outdoors, in a spot brimming with life, we'll create a utopian space in which we sing together and on our own. Howl is a time of personal and shared creativity and a renewed search for inspiration and joy.

Almost all of our work will be non-institutionally ceremonial, new and spontaneous, with the various rituals encouraging personal and group transformation as well as expanding our range of vision, hearing, feeling and reasoning.

“...The opportunity of playing like children with inner materials both happy and sad and tremendously beautiful, the music and the forest, and the fact we did it together in such a calm and unexpected way, left me with a strong sense of generosity, happiness and gratitude. A feeling we had together entered a place of childhood, holy happiness and lightness, which somehow exist together. A great wonder!”